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Study The Level One (Class G1) knowledge test Online in over 10 languages  in a new innovative ways of learning, improving and gaining knowledge you need to pass your knowledge exam 

Level one (Class G1 ) knowledge Test

  • It is in over 10 languages 
  • It is in multiple choice format and very simple
  • You can study and practice the test in any languages as many times you want

The Complete Test

Smart Test

Study the rules and regulations of the road with your choice of more than 10 languages that you are comfortable with

The smart test will analyze your previous saved test results, and will prepare a list of questions that had the most incorrect answers, therefore you could practice and improved your knowledge

Ministry Simulation Test


You may test yourself for the real ministry test in English or in any other 10 languages we have

You could retrieve a valuable tip for each question by clicking on the tips button

Test History 

On any given time during the test you could retrieve the history of your answers to each question

Informative data

One the of the another great and unique feature that we have is informative data we have gathered may useful information from around the world to improve your driving knowledge over and beyond

The Driver's Permit Study Guide

The Computerized Licensing Test Study Guide

The Motorcycle's Permit Study Guide

The Truck's Permit Study Guide

CAA Driver Training

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